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Do faith confessions work?

I love and honor the great general and the father of the modern faith movement, Papa Kenneth E Hagin. He revolutionized and transformed many lives and gave rise to many powerful men and women of God. Faith confessions are important and can help to a certain point, but confessions cannot and is not a cover up for not doing or living the Word of God. Faith without deeds is dead!

You can ask all true sons of Papa Hagin, they will agree with my above statement. Confession is a starting point that should ignite Spiritual work. Some people confess, decree, declare, bind, loose... but nothing happens. You can confess all you want, until you are blue in the face, nothing will happen because your confessions are not backed up by living the Word. You will live the Word, if you love the Word, which in itself is a work of the Spirit. Faith that is not genuine cannot produce results.

God has exalted His Word above His Name.

...Thou hast magnified Thy word above all Thy name. Psalms 132:2

As a baby Christian, God will answer our prayers quick, but He expects us to mature. Faith is not to be used only to get things from God, but to become like Jesus Christ. After a point, it does not matter how many times or how loud you say 'In Jesus' Name'. God tests the genuinity of our faith to reward it. God is pleased when we manifest faith. What is the proof of faith? Living the Word by living in the Spirit.

The Holy Spirit in you helps you to live the Word. Read the Word, believe the Word, get the Word into your spirit, confess the Word, and live the Word by the Holy Spirit. Get the help of the mighty Helper, the Holy Spirit!

Like my Man of God, H.E Prophet Uebert Angel says, "Confession is faith at a junior level, but possession is faith at a senior level."

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