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Awaken the bride of Christ to manifest the glory of Christ through songs of the Spirit


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I'd like to bless you with a free e-book that will bless your spiritual life.

Through the healing school we offer several free programs to bless people.

Be set free, equipped, and revived through the courses that are offered through the healing school. We offer several FREE courses to bless people. Check it out!

Are you a Christian and tired of religion without power and authenticity?
Are you rejected by the Holy Club because you don't fit in?

This book gives a solution to help people experience an authentic personal revival right in their own homes. Whether you are at your rock-bottom or pursuing more incredible things in God, this book is for you.

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Released on June 3, 2022. The song was released during Pentecost 2022.


THEYNAI POLA is a Tamil song with the chorus in English. It is a prophecy over the bride of Christ and upon every believer. As you hear and sing this song the Lord will fill your heart and mind with an insatiable hunger and boldness to walk in the power of the Spirit to display God's love.  

Arugil Vaarumay_3000x3000.jpg

Released  on July 15, 2022.

ARUGIL VAARUMAY is a Tamil  song of prayer and yearning to walk intimately with the Holy Spirit. As you hear and sing this song you will have a mighty encounter with the Holy Spirit.

uMMAI pOL aLBUM aRT.jpeg

Released on August 15, 2022.

UMMAI POLA is a Tamil  song of adoration. The video was shot on the shores of Cyprus, which the Greeks believe to be the birth place of the goddess Aphrodite. On the same shores we declared that there is no god like Jehovah after leading powerful revival meetings. 

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Launched 21-day Healing School on October 17, 2022.

Students from 5 nations attended the healing school and experienced transformation of mind, dramatic shifts in their faith, and hearts were set on fire. They clearly understood the will of God towards healing. Students  started experiencing healing without prayers through the teaching of the Word.  Receive Divine Healing | Live in Divine Health | Minister Divine Healing

Adhi Kalayil Album Art (web).jpg

Released  November 25th, 2022.

ADHI KALAYIL is a Tamil  song of revelation through intimacy. I composed it right after a dream which saved someone's life from making a wrong decision. As you hear and sing this song you will receive an impartation for prophetic dreams, visions, and revelations.


Joshua Daniel

Amen. Wonderfull Spirit filled song! The Spirit of Lord is upon us to set the captives free and to preach the good news to the poor. May those who listen to this song be set from all the attacks of the enemy and all the doors that has been shut be opened in Jesus name!God bless you Rev. Rennet, Tabitha, Jonah, Evg. Issac Joe and the whole team.

Pastor Sam Jebaraj

This Song Will be a Blessing for Many ... Spirit Filled ❤ ... Thank you Pastor Rennet🤝 May GOD use you Mightly for his Kingdom Glory ... GOD Bless

Talitha Paulwinraj

Amen! Parisutha Aaviyae en mel varumae! Wonderful song, wonderful music, wonderful testimony shared by you and brother Isaac :) Every tribe, every tongue sing praises to our Lord because only He is worthy!

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Rennet Premnath, is the President and Senior Pastor at Life is Christ Ministries, which focuses on kingdom expansion through the power of the Holy Spirit to revive nations. He is an author, worshiper at heart and a songwriter who has a mandate from God to train people to live by the Spirit. 

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