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You are one step away from activating the LIFE OF FIRE

You are not on this page by accident. Not at all! You are on a divine appointment, watch and listen to the quick video below...



My name is Rennet Premnath

I am a servant of LORD Jesus Christ and I am blessed with my beautiful wife, Tabitha, and our son, Jonah. Our heart is to see people live out their God-given destiny and be a blessing to many. I have a God given mission to transform 1 million lives by 2028.

Through Shaddai, we are providing coaching programs, and spiritual training to transform people to live out their God-given destiny. With over a decade of experience in leadership, discipleship, and coaching, I, by the grace of God, will activate you to live your life as God indents.

BLAZE: Live a life of FIRE

Do you ever feel like you're lost, wandering in an endless wilderness of doubt and uncertainty? Each whisper of hope you hear feels just beyond your reach, like a mirage that vanishes just as you think you've found it. You yearn for that transformative breakthrough, that moment when everything clicks into place, when the fire of God's power ignites within you. Yet, despite your best efforts, it remains elusive. How many nights have you wished for that spark to ignite, propelling you forward with unstoppable passion and purpose? Don't be discouraged, you are in the right place!

Welcome to BLAZE: A school designed specifically for you. Jeremiah 20:9 - 'But if I say, “I will not mention his word or speak anymore in his name,” His word is in my heart like a fire, a fire shut up in my bones. I am weary of holding it in; indeed, I cannot.

I prophesy to you now, the WORD that is going to be deposited during this course will be like FIRE in your bones. You cannot but experience FIRE, you cannot but live in a break-through, you cannot but live a life of FIRE after this school. The above scripture shall become a reality, in Jesus' Name. This is your time; this is your season! Your life of FIRE is now!

Enroll in BLAZE: This is more than a program; freedom and FIRE of the Spirit is about to make pathways you have never traveled before. A deep hunger for God shall affect your soul and cause you to rise! You will transition from hope deferred to hope fulfilled, from clouded faith to unveiled face in Jesus' Name.

Live a life of FIRE with BLAZE.

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We are offering VERY VALUABLE programs at an AFFORDABLE prices because of the generosity of our partners, and our foundations in generosity and charity.


Sep 18th to Sep 22nd '23

7pm to 8:30pm CDT



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