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Are you a Christian and tired of religion without power and authenticity?
Are you rejected by the Holy Club because you don't fit in?

This book gives a solution to help people experience an authentic personal revival right in their own homes.

Whether you are at your rock-bottom or pursuing more incredible things in God, this book is for you. Rennet Premnath has experienced powerful divine visitations that set his life on FIRE. We are all praying for a great revival, but that should not stop anyone from experiencing a personal revival today. Examining church and revival history, we find God using men and women to bring about revivals.

You could be that revived person God is looking for.

Speaking from Scripture and firsthand experience, Rennet reveals important truths and guides the readers through an engaging 21 days journey, positioning them to experience personal revival. He awakens the reader’s mind to the gap experienced between modern and biblical Christianity and provides a practical way to revive the lost FIRE by resurrecting timeless truths.


Inside, you’ll discover:

  • The glory of the New Covenant
  • The last Adam and the new creation
  • The veil between the spirit and the soul
  • Two important human responses to divine overflow
  • The nature and power of the spirit man
  • And more…

Rennet Premnath is the President and Senior Pastor at Life in Christ Ministries that focuses on Kingdom expansion through the power of the Holy Spirit to revive nations. He is a worshiper at heart and a songwriter who has a mandate from God to train people to live by the Spirit. Rennet is on a mission to see 1 million lives transformed by 2028, in Jesus’ Name.

Fire - Experience Personal Revival in 21 days

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